You know that rush you get when you stumble upon a piece of jewelry that totally matches your vibe? You instantly fall in love but then your ethical brain starts asking the questions. How was it made? Where did the materials come from? Were people exploited in the mining process? Worse yet, were children exploited? I get it! I have these internal conversations all the time! They not only drive my personal consumer choices but also drive every purchasing decision that goes into creating my jewelry.

Hi there! I’m Mindy - founder of Green Spruce Creatives! I design modern, minimalist jewelry using recycled silver and stones sourced from small, independent miners - including my favorite the Colorado Aquamarine. I started Green Spruce Creatives to cater to women like you who are all about harmonizing their ethical standards with their unique style. I work to earn your loyalty by offering full transparency regarding the materials and techniques I use. I firmly believe it is my duty to minimize my environmental and humanitarian impact in all aspects of my life and uphold these principles in my business by carefully vetting my suppliers. I back this up by dedicating a percentage of my earnings to the Katie Adamson Conservation Fund whose mission of empowering and educating individuals globally to work together in preserving our planet resonates with all that I believe in.

My favorite pieces are made with Colorado-mined aquamarines. I use recycled silver and purchase the aquamarines directly from Colorado metalsmith and lapidary artist, Mark Krivanek. His mine claim is on Mt. White and Mt. Antero and sits at 13,000 feet elevation in the middle of the beautiful Collegiate Peaks. Each stone is unique and is a little piece of Colorado!

This photo is of me hiking with my family in the Collegiate Peaks.

My designs are inspired by my childhood. My father was a builder with a distinctive modern style and exposed my sister and I to modern architecture at an early age. My mother awed me with her 1970’s glam style. Her clothes, hair and of course jewelry were amazing! We lived in a mid-century modern home decorated with classic furniture designs from the time. Growing up with this style all around me created a true appreciation of minimalistic, modern designs in all aspects of my life. I carry this appreciation into my jewelry design and find inspiration in all things modern - whether it be retro jewelry, modern interior design or architecture.

After years of making jewelry as a hobby I decided to invest in metalsmithing class at a local jewelry studio and was instantly hooked. After a 30-year career in healthcare I found that metalsmithing was the perfect way to nurture both the scientist and artist in me. I am proud to share my collections with you!



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